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Our mission is to provide inexpensive, high-quality care to people of all ages! We strive to correct and educate our patients.

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Our offices specialize in the management and care of musculoskeletal injuries associated with sports and traumatic injuries

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Dr. Gustavo Nino • Nicali Sports Medicine and Associates

Nicali Sports Medicine and Associates is dedicated to helping our patients find relief from pain and improve their overall health. Our office is a non-surgical pain recovery care center specializing in sports medicine and injury. We are located in Pasadena, CA and look forward to serving our town and the surrounding communities. We offer natural therapies including massage, decompression, kinesiology taping and hot laser therapy. Since our team is highly trained and educated, we are able to treat patients of all ages who have suffered from injury and are looking to seek alternatives to western medicine.

Dr. Gustavo Nino is our leading chiropractor at the office. Dr. Nino has been serving the San Gabriel Valley since 1992. His passion for the management of sports injuries through the care and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system have blended symbolically with his training as a doctor of chiropractic.

Our all-natural therapies help patients recover from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries and other common conditions that may impact daily activity. Call our office today if you are looking for a chiropractic office that will relieve you from your pain and direct you towards a life of health and wellness!


Chiropractor in Pasadena, California

We Treat Sports Injuries, Auto Accidents, Chronic Pain & More!

Chiropractor in Pasadena, CA

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Pasadena, CA

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation
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Therapeutic Sports Massage in Pasadena, CA

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Kinesiology Taping in Pasadena, CA

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Cold Laser Therapy in Pasadena, CA

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Why Choose Nicali Sports Medicine and Associates?


At our sports injury relief center in Pasadena, CA, patients are provided with the results they deserve! We provide our patients with a comprehensive analysis and treatment plan. We offer solutions that patients could not find with traditional medicine and pride ourselves in being the best chiropractic facility in Pasadena.

Dr. Gustavo Nino and our team practice a whole person approach to healthcare. This allows our team of doctors to target the root cause of the injury or disease so that they can not only treat the symptoms but empower his patients with the ability to prevent a relapse of their condition in the future.

We are conveniently located with ample parking. Patients are always treated promptly with minimal to no waiting. Our private and spacious treatment rooms provide for a professional and comfortable environment. Our friendly staff and expertise will put you at ease every time you walk into our center. Give us a call today if you are looking to feel better naturally!

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