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Are you looking for IMMEDIATE and LASTING RESULTS?
K-Laser works because it penetrates deeper than other therapies by healing the source of pain

Do you suffer from

Chronic Shoulder, Elbow, Hip or Knee Pain Bulging, “Slipped” Discs, Disc Degeneration Injured or Chronic Persistent Joint Pain Neck, migraine, or Other Headaches Carpal Tunnel or Compressive Pain Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain?

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What our patients are saying…

After just four treatments with spinal decompression and laser therapy, my neck pain is virtually gone. Daily head and neck pain was controlling my life. I had resolved myself to a daily routine of pain medication. Hot packs and cold packs. Daily stress from an inability to earn a living, and a future of head and neck pain are now over. I can honestly say I have hope and a sense of relief knowing that my pain problems are over.

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Stanley Russell, Age 47


A year ago I broke my back and ended up with 3 compression fractures in my spine. I’ve always been an active person and all of a sudden I couldn’t walk half a block to my clubhouse. After trying everything I lost hope. Today, after my treatment I am going to two dances. Thank you for making my senior years enjoyable again.

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Marjorie, Age 90


I have suffered from lower back pain in some form or another for at least the last 10 years. I had given up with trying to fix the problem and just decided to live with the pain. My wife suggested that I try this treatment after she noticed positive results almost immediately for her own neck and back pain. Almost from the very first treatment I felt better. I no longer suffer from lower back pain, and can sit for much longer periods of time. The office environment is always upbeat, positive, and friendly which makes relaxing there a breeze while being treated.

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Greg A.

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What our patients are saying...
  • nicali-sports-medicine-and-associates-pasadena

    Amazing doctor! He took his time and didn't overly force my adjustment. So excited to have found this place! Was lucky enough to book a Massage right after...

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  • nicali-sports-medicine-and-associates-alhambra

    So, I picked up running after about a ten year hiatus. I was doing great until one day my right calf hurt so bad I could barely walk. I decided to search...

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  • gustavo-nino-dc-nicali-sports-medicine-and-associates-alhambra

    My first visit was back in February 2016 when I was rear ended on the freeway. My attorney suggested that I go to this chiropractor and it definitely helped...

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