Spine Specialist
Spine Specialist

Find an Experienced Spine Specialist at Nicali

A spinal wound is an injury to the spines, It’s a severe kind of physical pain with chances of having prolonged and major impact on several aspects of our life. It is very important to seek treatment instantly after getting injured as delay can make the wound last for longer.

Causes of Spinal Injury?

Listed below are some major causes of this injury:

  • Stab or bullet injury
  • Diving disaster
  • Fall from a height
  • Electric shock
  • Traumatic wound to the back, chest, face, head or neck
  • Severe aching of the middle of the body

What are signs of Spinal injury

The major signs of spine injuries include following:

  • Pain and problem in walking
  • Head is in an odd position
  • Lack of feeling or tingling on legs and arms
  • Paralysis in arms or legs
  • Shock with sweaty and pale skin, bluish lips and fingernails
  • Unconsciousness or lack of attention
  • Inflexible neck, headache and other pain
  • Weakness

Correct treatment at time is very important to avoid problems in future. Improper movements of the spine that is caused by a mild misalignments is known as subluxations. This condition can be the reason of poor health or function in the body and different areas. Misalignments of spines can also decrease the capability of the human body to adjust to its ever-changing atmosphere.

Where to find Spine Specialist?

Nicali sports medicines and associate helps you to find experienced and proficient Spine Specialist to take care and offer the best treatment for the spine injury. The clinic is specialized in managing and curing musculoskeletal injuries related to sports and traumatic injuries. Nicali is known for offering a wide range of solutions such as chiropractic care, strengthening and flexibility therapy, physiotherapy, muscle strengthening, healing massage and nutritional consultations and supervision.

Nicali also provides effective Disc Decompression therapy and Class IV K-Laser formula in combination with the new ATM (Active Therapeutic Modality) process. It is technically advanced protocol that is simple and non-invasive to offer utmost success in healing of spine and disc injuries.

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