Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy

A Non-Surgical, Highly Effective Solution for Disc Related Low Back and Neck Pain

With Decompression
you can find NEW hope for:

Chronic Shoulder, Elbow, Hip or Knee Pain
Bulging, ‘‘Slipped’’ Discs, Disc Degeneration
Injured or Chronic Persistent Joint Pain
Neck, migraine, or Other Headaches
Carpal Tunnel or Compressive Pain
Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain

Honest, effective, affordable decompression.

Decompression Therapy is a nonsurgical procedure that involves stretching the spine. The goal is to relieve the back pain or leg pain associated with disc herniation, degenerative discs, and other spinal related syndromes. The effects of time and gravity narrow the spaces between the vertebrae in the spine and narrow the disc spaces. This type of therapy effectively relieves pain and as a consequence opens the narrowed spaces, improving the healing process and permits most patients to return to an active lifestyle. This treatment helps patients to avoid the complications of back surgery such as the risk of anesthesia.

Decompression Therapy is a highly effective treatment recommended for patients who suffer from herniated, bulging, degenerative, or ruptured discs as well as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and failed back surgery cases.

Decompression Therapy generally consists of 3-4 sessions per week, 8-12 minutes long each, during which the Chiropractic Physician applies to the patient electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, or therapeutic laser to relax the muscles and encourage the healing of injured tissues.

After treatment, the patient must do physical rehabilitation with specific exercises prescribed by the Chiropractor, to regain strength, mobility, fitness and recover fully.

The patients who get Decompression Therapy are fully dressed either face down or face up on the Chiropractic table. Most of them experience initial relief in just a few sessions.

Decompression Therapy is a nonsurgical, highly effective procedure approved and covered by many insurance companies. This advanced technique can bring you relief from neck and back pain.

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MTD 4000 – FDA 510(k) Clearance
The MTD 4000 traction device provides traction and mobilization of skeletal structures and skeletal muscles.
The MTD 4000 may be used to relieve peripheral radiation/sciatica and pain associated with:

* Protruding discs
* Bulging discs
* Herniated discs
* Degenerative disc disease
* Posterior facet syndrome
* Spinal root impingement
* Hypermobility
* Degenerative joint disease
* Facet syndrome
* Compressions
* Acute facet problems
* Radicular pain
* Prolapsed discs fractures
* Joint pain
* Discogenic pain
Decompression Therapy is a Non-Surgical Procedure to help reduce or eliminate low back and leg pain.
An effective Cervical treatment for neck pain, arm pain, and headaches is also available.
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